Land Rover Mark

Land Rover vehicles are as unique as their owners; they can be personalized to suit the desires of each owner. To own a Land Rover is to become part of an exclusive family relatively a few people experience.

The guiding forces behind the original Land Rover vehicle continue today – capability and versatility. Little wonder that everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Hollywood celebrities to gentleman farmers chose to be associated with Land Rover, helping Land Rover earn the prestige and stature it holds today.

All Land Rovers are ready at any time for rain, flood, gravel, mud or almost any other road (or off-road) condition. Land Rover takes pride in being exclusive, highly capable and uniquely appealing. The Land Rover Mark encompasses a lifestyle. 

Club Objectives:

  • Organize family-oriented four-wheel drive tours of varying duration to interesting and challenging locations in the company of people with similar interests. Provide safe four-wheel drive touring with reliable backup.
  • Promote and practice responsible and environment friendly four wheel drive touring.
  • Service and assist in social development projects in rural communities.
  • Conduct four wheel drive orientation and demonstration, with the shared knowledge of more experienced 4x4 drivers and rabid Land Rover enthusiasts.
  • Provide access to the best Land Rover mechanics, restoration and painting shop, spare parts / accessories suppliers, Land Rover workshop manuals, parts manuals, Land Rover magazines, and reference material exchange, club equipment, club libraries, club discounts, Land Rover spare parts pool and exchange.
  • Organize film and video showings, social outings, inter-4WD club get-togethers.
  • Assist in the trading of pre-owned Land Rovers.
Club Mission:
  • To demonstrate the Land Rover brand values – individualism, authenticity, freedom, adventure, guts and supremacy.
  • To produce events and select locations which are enthralling to the ordinary man and woman in the audience.
  • To make the average person want to participate in the Club’s events.
  • To stage activities which are unattainable by the average person.
  • To show the capabilities of Land Rover vehicles. 


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